Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I've been a baaaddd blogger

And I really have no excuse. Rather then trying to make an excuse or use the whole, "but I pregnant and tired" line, I am just going to admit it. Oh sure, I mean, I have had lots I wanted to blog about but just no real desire to get on here an blog.

2010 ended and 2011 started much the same. Calm, low key and happy to have this little munchkin kicking away inside me.

Right after the new year, I had my first of two baby showers. My friends and some family came to my house and we got to celebrate that very soon, baby boy will be here. The food, the guests and the gifts were all so wonderful and completely overwhelming (in a good way)! I loved sharing such a special day with so many awesome people in my life. The downside was that it was so big that I feel like I did not get to spend much time with each guest. Munchkin made out like crazy and this little boy will always know just how loved he really is by so many.

A week later, baby shower number two was at my sisters house with my bio-dad's family. It was much smaller but still so sweet to be surrounded by family, most of whom I haven't seen in over a decade. There is nothing like a baby to bring cousins close together. Although, I do have to thank Facebook for helping.

Last weekend, I sorted, washed and organized baby clothes. If Munchkin is over 10 pounds, he will be very naked. LOL!

So here I am, approaching my due date (check out my ticker on the top!!) and celebrating my birthday. I was really not prepared for my birthday this year. Oh sure, I can handle the ageing but know that Munchkin can make his grand appearance anytime now is just unbelievable. I am really hoping to make closer to his due date and not give birth anytime soon. I mean, I would like at least a full week for maternity leave so I can have some down time and more importantly, "me time" (or Me and Daddy time). These last two weeks of work have been pretty hard and even though I am working 1/2 days and leaving early, my entire being just wants to be home.

The good news is that Scott has installed the car seat and set up the co-sleeper. Our generous neighbor loaned us a glider and ottoman. Our clothe diaper order has been placed and Munchkin has enough clothes washed and put away for at least a week or two, depending on his size. I did not wash more than 3 newborn outfits and I am sure he won't be able to wear them long, if ever. Of course, I washed some because he just may be smaller the predicted. Now I have to assemble my birth kit, make sure we will have food for the midwives, write my thank you notes, prepare the donations for the drive by day and I am good to go. Whew! The list still sounds long.

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Barb said...

Sounds great! Wish I had been prepared enough to be ready with a co sleeper..