Sunday, February 7, 2010

School, work, life

So week one down and lots to go.

Let's start with tax season, week one: Already stressed, tired and sick of clients. I hate the current tax law changes and wonder what our fine governator is doing with our tax dollars. I am tired of constantly repeating myself to my co-workers and hate the tension within my office. But, it's a job and I just can't complain.

Now onto school: I have one week under by belt and so far so good. I have enjoyed my class so far and have learned alot. I am excited about a potential career change.

Life is ok. I am sitting here watching super bowl commercials. My team hasn't been in the super bowl since the 90's. I am nursing a migraine and feel like crap. I have a test to study for and I am thinking of going to work. least it will be quiet.