Tuesday, August 17, 2010

2 posts in one day

I decided to post this separately for a reason.

"It was such a surprise pregnancy."
"I just 'fell' pregnant."
"We weren't even trying really..."
"We just stopped trying and then bam!"

I hate these phrases. As an infertile woman, these phrases irritate me to no end, especially when they are coming from a person who has no known fertility issues ("oh, we tried for 9 whole months and I never thought I would end up pregnant!") . These phrases ignite in me with the heat of a thousand suns an anger that I can't deal with on a rational level.

But, these phrases apply to me. What?!?! How can that be? I was told I had less then 1% chance of conceiving in any given month without the help of fertility treatments. I was advised to have my right ovary removed due to its complete inability to produce any eggs. My right fallopian tube is twisted and contorted and has pulled my right ovary so far underneath it that even if it did manage to produce a decent egg it would never make it to the tube. Yet someway, somehow I managed to pop one good egg from my right ovary, it made its way someway, somehow to fertilization and implanted. And now that embie is growing inside me and I am just in awe.

So those hated phrases that apply to me? I hope that if I ever use them, I don't become one of those types to use it. I hope to never offend a fellow IF'er if one of those phrases should ever escape my mouth.

Hello 2nd trimester!

Okay, I am a few days late but so very relieved to say hello to the second trimester. Midwife appointment yesterday was great. Still some confusion on my weight ( 3 scales, 3 different weights) but all in all I think its safe to say that I have gained about 3 lbs. (Of course, I have to remind myself that I had a good 10 lbs to much on me to begin with...) Uterus was measuring a little ahead but nothing to worry about. If the trend continues and baby grows along with the ute then my due date may change but for now, I am not even thinking about that.

Baby's heartrate was 148 BPM. Hearing that heartbeat was so awesome. I really need those little reassurances that munchkin is doing ok in there. After all, I can't just ask munchkin these days if heesh is okay.

The even better news is that I am almost done with school! This is just awesome. I talked to my midwife about the possibility of externing with her so I can at least get my 120 hours of M.A. out of the way. I still can't do my sticks until I get immunized. The head of the program went out of her way to point out how selfish it would be for me to skip my shots and work and expose baby to measles or mumps. (Or even worse, Hep. B!!) I agree but I also want to get my sticks done so I can began searching for a job.

I am in major nesting mode right now. I have made a list of essentials that need to be purchased. The clutter is my house is making me insane and I just want to get things cleared out so I can organizer what needs to be organized and trash what can be trashed. I have a "to-do" list of things I want to see done before the end of the year so that I can focus on my last month of work and getting baby gear set up for the grand arrival. It appears no one seems to get my urgency or understand how frustrating it is to see the same clutter in my house day after day. I want it gone...like last week. I keep saying once I am done with school that I am going to focus on getting my scrap booking stuff, school books and my closet organized. I need this to be done so I can feel a little bit accomplished.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

NT Scan and coming out

I had my NT scan and 1st tri blood work last week. Baby was kicking away during the scan and even turned to face the "camera" too. Nuchal fold was measuring at 1.6MM and looked great. We got to the lobes of heesh's brain, a very beautiful heart beat, kicking legs, spine, belly and nasal bone. :) We also got to finally hear baby's heartbeat. Wow! That to me was just amazing. :) :)

I am starting to come out to people. Actually, my belly did not give me much of a choice. Every time I think I did a good job at hiding it, I look down and realize that nope...I really didn't. Ah well, I suppose its time. I am starting to feel better but my joints are killing me. Typing, writing, knee bending are just painful! I know that there is not a lot I can do to avoid the pain so I pretty much put up and shut up.

Only 8 more days of school left!! I am so excited. I miss coming home after work and enjoying dinner. Heck, I miss eating a meal that is not a roach coach meal. I miss actually watching a movie every now and then.

Stay tuned for the next belly shot. Not sure when I will take one. I was going to try to do it every week but that is just too much work.