Monday, June 14, 2010

April 2010

That was the last time I got a visit from Aunt Flo. I had myself convienced that I was menopausal. Afterall, what else could it be?! I know that I ovulated, or at least I was sure I did since I had my usually post-o signs. I figured it was time to POAS and was very, very surprised when within a few seconds I got "pregnant" on the digital pee-test screen.

Now, I don't have a history of getting and staying pregnant. I am scared as can be but taking it day by day. I love (ok, not love like lets get married I love you so much) the morning sickness that lasts all day. I love not being able to eat more then 5 bits of a meal before I feel full. The exhaustion and headaches? Bring it on!! I will take it all if it means I get a healthy baby come Feburary 2011.

Those on FB, keep in on the low since I have made the decision to not tell people beyond Scott, my mom and my classmates (oh yeah and LP friends) until I am "in the clear." I am thinking right after the first trimester, I will come out to the world.