Saturday, November 27, 2010

Almost 29 week Belly Shot

I had Scott take this photo just a few days before Thanksgiving and the 29 week mark. I think I look smaller then the 25 week belly shot. :)

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

25 Week Belly Shot

A little old but it's one of my favorites. I will hopefully post a Thanksgiving belly shot soon. This Thanksgiving, I am so very thankful for my little man growing inside me. Kick away baby boy, grow healthy and strong!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Hello 3rd Trimester

Where has time gone? I can remember being a child thinking that this holiday or that event was so far away. But now as an adult? It seems like time is flying. I can't believe that I am 2/3 through this pregnancy already. I must admit that my pregnancy has be fairly easy*.

My first trimester seemed to go by slowly, yet oddly quickly too. I wanted the first trimester to pass me by so I can tell people the goods news. I wanted it to fly by because I knew making through the first trimester meant I had a greater chance to making to the end with a live baby.

Then came the second trimester. The beginning of the second trimester was a little hard. The pregnancy symptoms almost went away but I had to wait for baby movements. I purchased a Doppler to listen to munchkins heart beat to keep my sanity. Then, somewhere around 17 weeks came those blessed little flutters that all mommies can't wait to feel. I was hooked! Even those sudden movements that feel like you are on the descent of a fast roller coaster and your tummy just fell are welcome.

As my belly grew and my son moved inside me, I made it to 24 weeks** more importantly viability.

5 weeks later (ok, I am shy by a day) and I am now in my 7th month of pregnancy and have already spent 2 weeks in my third trimester.

Summer passed us by which is funny because we really did not have that warm of a summer then fall showed up. We had some nice warm days but now as winter approaches (according to Dr. Google) and the year is coming to an end it seems like the year just passed us by at break neck speed.

So, hello 3rd trimester. Let's continue with the easy pregnancy. Let's agree to no preterm labor scares and keep discomfort at a minimum. Baby boy can bake as long as he wants as this Momma is enjoying life with him inside me.

*I loathe to mention the kidney stone that sent to me the ER and L&D a few weeks back. The pain so indescribable. The ER and L&D visit, while not pleasant wasn't too bad either. The morphine hangover sucked big hairy monkey balls.

**I know many doctors and NICU's are now saving babies born at 23 weeks. I am not sure on the statistics of survival but traditionally, 24 weeks in considered viability.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Holy smokes!!

Check out my ticker on top: double digits until my due date. When did that happen?! Where is time going? I guess all the nesting is proof that before I know it, there will be a big arrival in my house!