Monday, July 19, 2010

A little bit about it

Wow! I can't believe how fast and how slow time seems to be moving. I am taking my pregnancy in baby steps. I made it past 5 weeks...check! I made to my first ultrasound and saw a beautiful heartbeat...check! I made to my 9 week appointment and got a sneak peak at munchkin. (and again saw that beautiful heartbeat)...check! My next step: making it to my NT scan.

I realized that I cannot refer to this baby as fish stick. stick is my angel in heaven. This baby is very much here with me right now. I keep call heesh* my little munchkin.

Symptom wise, I feel OK. My arthritis is bugging me more then usual, I am still rather tired but all is well. I get waves of gagging and nausea every now and then and my girls hurt like a mo-fo, especially when the shower water hits them. But really, that is not alot in the grand scheme of things.

I haven't really come out of the pregnancy closet yet. I keep saying after the NT scan we can. I am really enjoying this "secret" thought and don't want to start telling people, only to be bombarded with a$$vise and unwanted opinions. Surely, I can't be the only pregnant women to feel that way?! More than anything however, I hate hearing how surely since I relaxed, finally, I am now pregnant. Um...yeah no. It so doesn't work that way. That is such an insult to me that I want to donkey punch** people who say that nonsense.

I am also in complete protect mode. Like, I will rip your head off if you Mr. Stranger come just one itty bitty inch closer to me.

I have to admit, I feel a little lonely too. I mean, I don't have many IRL friends. The IRL friends I do have are either much older (being they were Scott's friends first) and done with the baby-making, baby raising deal or my "old" (think, pre-Scott) friends who are not now nor ever having kids or even considering it. I am thinking that soon, I will have to join a mom's group. I would love to meet ladies who fit our (Scott and I) demographic. Couple met "later" in life, big age difference between the two partners, one had kids and one is just starting out in the having babies department. I figure that I should not hold my breath but do know We as a couple are going to need friends with babies or about to have a baby much sooner than later.

I should add that I am not really that close to family. I can handle them in small spurts but that's about it. I wish my mother would stop asking me baby related questions and just ask about me for a change. This is only compounding my loneliness.

Aside from feeling lonely, I can't relax. I am so afraid something will go wrong. I keep telling my baby how much mommy loves heesh. I remind myself this happened all by itself with no medical intervention what-so-ever. I am pregnant for a reason and all things happen for a reason, even if we don't know why.

Toss in some survivors guilt and I am a mess. I hate that I still have online friends who are still trying. I hesitate to post messages on my usual message boards for fear that they will hurt. I don't want these ladies to continue to hurt.

*Heesh = He + She. A great way of referring to baby before you know the sex or the entire pregnancy if you choose not to find out the sex. Sounds so much better then he or she.

**Donkey punch: completely offensive, and no I won't explain it here if you have never hear of it. Yes, I too wonder why I know the meaning. But with my moods these day, it is a great threat and I love to use it.

One a final note, hippies, earth lovers, whatever you want to call them are killing me. If I hear one more person tell me that I should grasp my inner goddess or be like mother earth now that I am pregnant, yep...and donkey punch threat wants to come out. I have no inner goddess, have no intention of aligning my yin and yang (I am certain I did not come with those anyways) and absolutely don't see myself as beautiful right now. The only being inside me is my munchkin, the only thing I want aligned is my back and beauty is truly a light switch away. I mean no offense to those who believe in these things but *I* personally keep my feet on the ground, my belief in my god and my ability to make a baby in perspective.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

9W5D Belly shot

I was getting ready for bed when Scott took this picture...I look as tired as I was that night. Ah well, maybe the next one I will look more rested.